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Pairs - Summer Sweat

CASSETTE / £7.00
DIGITAL / £7.00

Cloud Nine
Wo Zhe Yang
Poor Choices
XJ Girl
If It Works, It Works
Five Kuai
No Regrets
Grandma Pills
Bei Dor Fen
My Body Is Not A Wonderland

Shanghai duo Pairs fire out fourteen tracks of visceral punk with producer Yang Haisong on the buttons. The record is high octane throughout, but there's something for (almost) everyone - from the teenage-love-angst lo-fi-emo thrash of "No Regrets" to the noise walls of "My Body Is Not A Wonderland". Entirely made out of Xiao Zhong (drums/vocals) and F (guitars), Pairs make music that they themselves describe as "awful". But it's not awful. It's amazing. Check out Pairs' recent DVD for a better idea of what's going on here...